I have purchased many paintings that Denise has created all of which I love and they all have special meaning to me. Denise's paintings are full of heart, love, creativity and beauty. Each is unique and the vibrant colors brighten my day when I walk in the room. I highly recommend Denise to anyone who would like to add a special touch of light and joy to their home.

S Main

Simply amazing! ​Denise is an incredibly artist. Her creative brilliance
shines through in every painting! She is my favorite artist, every one of her paintings​ is stunning and of the highest quality. 
​I have both originals, canvas, and ​plexiglass reproductions, all true show pieces. Worth every penny and then some. Don't hesitate to buy as you won't be disappointed"

M Flanders​

The painting just comes alive! The colors are so vivid and beautiful and I am so fortunate to be able to have a painting of a place that is so special to me on my walls. Denise discussed with me what was important and
what things I wanted to enhance. I can only say that it was above my
expectations. If there is anything that you hold special, and want a piece
of art that could be passed down through generations, I highly recommend contacting Denise. I couldn't be more thrilled!

"She is amazing, first reaction about her production was breathless!
I love the way she brings to life moment, emotion, people.
Enchants through technical perfection and the right use of colors"

H Rodrigues
I commissioned Denise to paint a portrait of my husband who had just passed away. A few months later I received the painting that really captured my Gary. It is a constant comfort to me to this day. I have since commissioned Denise to paint 5 more paintings, all very dear to my heart. I am a big fan of her talent and her very special gift. You WON'T be disappointed!!!
P Evans​​
Customer Reviews
I never knew how incredibly handsome I was until Denise captured the essence of my being. As a former incredibly talented and gorgeous Rockstar, I recognize talent when I see it! For anyone that wants a autographed print of my image painted by Denise, please contact her incredibly talented web designer & BFF on her website.

F Parlette  ;)​​
The picture arrived and it looks TERRIFIC! You did a beautiful job
putting this all together. Even your packaging was outstanding. Again, thanks for working (putting up) with me. I am anxious to share the pictures with friends and share the amazing story about your mother particularly with her inventive past.

K Miller MD​​